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Bara chan
30 December 2015 @ 09:18 pm

Hello.I have decided to make this blog as my selling post. Since most of the time I shop JE goods/ or JE related goods/magazines impulsively. I tend to get more than I really need at that moment. I have this post because first I'd like to help out fans who can't get original JE goods. (  I understand the frustration believe me ).Second, I will be selling some of my stuff from time to time to get hold of new ones. ( Believe me if I have the money I'd keep 'em all ) Third, silly as it may sound. I want to help boost sales of my favorite bands. So, crazy as it may be. since LEs are too hard to get hold of. I tend to get more than a copy for myself. JUST IN CASE. So most of the times I have extras.

Thus, the story of this selling site.  I'd like to promote JE and for people to buy original goods if one have the means to. I'd like them to know that fans from the Philippines are actually buying. I hope they know. I hope they'd notice. Also, I'd like to help out fans who may be looking for something that I may have (with the least amount possible). So, I could let some of them go.

I can do meet ups or have it shipped ( Air 21 cost around 110 pesos depending on location and weight of the goods )

Prices stated below do not include shipping charges.

Payment maybe deposited thru BDO or WU. ( I prefer BDO that way you don't need to pay extra )

Paypal for International Buyers.

Goods are going to be sent only after the payment is confirmed.

Seller is not responsible for lost packages, most specially if Air 21 confirmed it was delivered. 
You are going to be given a tracking no. once requested.

If you have any Qs. regarding any of the goods I am selling. Just leave me a note so we can work something out.

you can either PM me here
leave a comment
email me at bara_chan_lj {at} yahoo.com

Let us all support JE.

Thanks everyone.

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Bara chan
06 October 2011 @ 11:59 am
I am back in Manila but hopefully will travel back in November. So I need to raise some funds.
Help me please sell some of my fandom stuff.
I feel a bit sad to part with them but If only Arashi knew I know they will understand.

I am selling my Arashi calendars 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.  2,000 php each. 
2008-2009 Calendar picCollapse )
2008-2009 Calendar PicCollapse )
Love so sweet RE - 650 php 

Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu Kun - 350 php ( I have only 1 of this)
Yukai Kaibutsu-Kun CD PicCollapse )

CDs aren't opened. Calendars are in very good condition.

They are reasonable prices!
Thank you in advance~!
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Bara chan
07 August 2011 @ 06:09 pm

Sorry been away recently not been able to check this LJ. 
Will try to check now and again. 

Hope everyone is well. :D
Bara chan
17 August 2010 @ 03:43 pm
I  have extra copies of Ohno Satoshi's Yukai Kaibutsu-Kun.


370 php ONLY!

Grab it now!!!!

It's the cutest song evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  :DD
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Bara chan
UNOPENED . JAPAN EDITION. First Press Limited Edition.

Meet up or will ship anywhere in the Philippines.
( as long as there is a postoffice or air 21/ LBC etc. can deliver it ) ;-)

As for now For Philippine Buyers only.

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Bara chan
04 March 2010 @ 01:05 am
Just in case any one of you have already forgotten this Journal.

It's still alive and still have some extra stuff to sell.

My girl LE still available and Love so Sweet RE!

I'll give a discount!

really... ^_^
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Bara chan
I bought an extra copy of Arashi's My Girl LE.
Japan Edition and UNOPENED.

Holler back whoever is interested.

1,200 php.

Let your friends know.

Thanks everyone.


also available
Love so Sweet RE - 650 PHP

Ashita no Kioku LE A - 1,200 PHP     {SOLD}
if you buy two cds. Free shipping within the Philippines.
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Bara chan
30 June 2009 @ 07:07 pm
Super Sale - 580 pesos only same as sold in Yesasia.

Opened but never been played and is in excellent condition.

Don't have a picture of the CD but here is what the album cover looks like.

Thanks so much.....
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Bara chan
Anyone want to swap BELIEVE/Kumori Nochi Kasei Ohno VERSION to ASHITA NO KIOKU LE B?

let me know okay beautiful lovely people?!

I am selling it too.

1.1 php.

Thank you.


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Bara chan
Hi Hi Hi,

How's you people? I got some stuff here. If interested let me know aright?





The deal:  in philippine pesos.

Daiki Arioka Uchiwa - 800
Daiki Arioka Clearfile - 700

Haruma Miura - 2,000

LET ME KNOW~!! okay.

Thank you.

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